With over 10M followers, RapCaviar is the most influential playlist in Hip Hop. To cement RapCaviar’s reputation as the platform that breaks new artists, the playlist’s first “year-end list” honored the three biggest breakthrough artists of 2017 in Greco-Roman fashion. We created our own version of the "Pantheon" with three life-sized sculptures of each artist that were then exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum. Each artist was 3D scanned then sculpted by state-of-the-art Robotic arms.
Client: RapCaviar, Spotify
Agency: Spotify In-House
Role: Creative Direction, Design
Year: 2017

Collaborators: Cecilia Azcarate, Heather Brodie, Payman Kassaie, Jenna Allchin, Tuma Basa, Brittany Lewis, Special Guest, Neoset Design, Mss ng P eces, Director X, Driely Carter, Cait Oppermann.

All projects made by Tal Midyan and
collaborators. ©2018.