Spotify has over 3 billion playlists. For the first time, we turned one of them into a brand. In 2017, hip-hop was music's biggest genre - and Spotify's RapCaviar playlist has become an authority in the space. So it was identified as a buisness priority to tranform RapCaviar from a playlist to a cultural sub-brand. Using Spotify’s Circular typeface we designed an identity that embraces the audacity of the culture, and positions RapCaviar as an authority made to last.
Client: RapCaviar, Spotify
Agency: Spotify In-House
Role: Art Direction, Design
Year: 2017

Collabrators: Erik Herrström, Rasmus Wangelin, Martin Berggren, Tuma Basa, Brittany Lewis, Payman Kassaie.

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