Dear Lizzy is an animated VR short film that I co-wrote, creative directed and branded. It premiered (virtually) at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. The film follows Lizzy as she walks down a long road, while we hear her read a letter from a long, lost friend. There are many strange and beautiful things to see along the way, yet Lizzy keeps walking. Original music by Deborah's Child, illustrated by Tim Lahan and prodcued by Within. 
Watch the full film here︎
Client: Independent
Agency: Independent
Role: Creative Direction, Concept
Year: 2020

Collaborators: Will Perkins, Tim Lahan, Andy Baker, Chris Milk, Daniel Coplon, Jonathan Ahdout, Jess Engel, Alex Plapinger, Michael Ashton, Jonathan Ho, Deborah’s Child.

All projects made by Tal Midyan
and collaborators. ©2020.